Saline Tattoo Removal


Hello, I'm your friendly neighbourhood Saline Removalist specialising in the Li-FT technique.


vegan friendly, natural, non-laser with proven results

I'm passionate about making people feel comfortable in their own skin and sometimes that means creating cosmetic tattooing and other times removing it.

Just quickly, if you've had cosmetic tattooing done and need emergency removal (this must be done within 48hrs of your tattoo) please send me a text on 0466071048 and i'll be in touch to get you a removal appt asap.



before and 5 weeks after a emergency removal session.

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Lets learn more about this method

Soooo what is saline removal?

You might not have heard of saline removal but it's been around for years! This form of removal involves implanting saline solution into your unwanted tattoo and letting your body naturally remove the pigment from your skin using osmosis - yep that thing we all learnt about in school! 

Why would I need to get removal done?

Some times colour correction or re-tattooing just cant fix it all. The skin can only hold so much pigment and some times it better to remove what you have and start again.

Cosmetic tattooing has come along way in the last 10 years and with that comes new styles, methods, equipment and pigment. Some of these past ways can leave you with "rainbow" brows or eyeliner that needs to be removed or lightened before a new shape or colour can be done. Here are some other common reasons you might be looking at removal;

  • The colour has changed to an odd colour/your not happy with the colour

  • You have winged eyeliner but no longer want the wing

  • Your not happy with the shape

  • Pigment has migrated and your tattoo now looks blurry

  • Previous filler or injectables have been added/removed and your tattoo no longer suits your new look.

  • The area is too saturated with pigment to allow a new colour 

Benefits of saline removal:

  • Minimal down time

  • Natural, vegan and cruelty free

  • Re works the skin to help with any scaring that has occurred during your initial tattoo

  • May help stimulate hair growth

  • Less painful and traumatic to the skin in comparison to laser

  • Cheaper in comparison to laser sessions

Things to consider before getting saline removal

  • The process may take several sessions; are you ready for the commitment?

  • Saline removal may cause hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation in some cases.

What about laser?

As i'm not a laser technician I can't provide advice on that service. I recommend you do your own research, chat to the technicians about realistic expectations and then weigh up what will work best for you. Please do your research, not all lasers and their strengths should be used for tattoo removal.  


Keep in mind that laser targets the colours of pigment and pushes them into your skin to be removed where saline isn't colour targeted but uses the bodies natural healing ability to remove the implanted pigment and is pulled out of the skin via osmosis/healing.

What about combining laser and saline?

Yes! This is something that can be done, especially if your skin is scarred from your initial tattoo. Saline solution will help lighten your tattoo while getting your skin back to a healthy state - the perfect way to prep for laser is having good skin and sometimes only one session of laser may be needed to lighten it completely.

Will it Hurt?

Just like cosmetic tattooing we use numbing agents to sooth and calm the area. Some discomfort and stinging can occur but this stops after about 30 seconds once the body equalises. Most people say this hurts WAY less in comparison to laser.

How many sessions will I need?

This is something we'll discuss in our consultation as it will depend on a number of factors;

  • What your desired outcome is - just a slight reduction in colour or total removal?

  • What the pigment is made from 

  • How deep the pigment is implanted

  • How your body reacts to the treatment

  • Each removal session needs to be spaced out at a minimum of 6 weeks apart.

I've seen photos and videos of saline removal and it looks pretty intense - is it?

I've seen these photos and videos too and it does look pretty brutal BUT let me reassure you, it's not. If you think about it, when you get your initial tattooing done the goal is to keep the pigment in and to not have a lot of fluid in the area but with removal its the opposite - we want it out! There for it does look a bit more 'bloody' but that is just the process working. Everyone reacts differently to removal some people will have a lot of redness and others hardly any but this will subside very quickly (usually within the hour as your body starts to heal).

Help! I just had cosmetic tattooing done and I'm not happy and need it removed asap!

It's everyone's worst nightmare and I'm so sorry if this has happened too you. I provide emergency removal that can be done up to 48 hours after your initial treatment but the sooner the better! This process will help the body push the initial pigment out so minimal pigment will heal in the skin. After 48 hours, you must wait the initial 4-6 weeks for healing as removal during this time may damage your skin.

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