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COVID-19 & Tattoo prepp'n

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

How to utilise this time & get ready for your new Cosmetic Tattoo

Covid has been such a strange one for all of us. Plans get made, they get cancelled or left in limbo until life can return to normal. I cannot wait to get back to tattooing again and I thought, even though there's a lot of uncertainty around when we can resume life in under 1.5 meters, here's some ways you can prepare for your cosmetic tattoo.

Skin care

Get your skin in perfect tattooing shape!

Several weeks before your appointment, you should stop or minimise resurfacing/retinol treatments on the area you are going to get tattooed. Now that doesn't mean completely ditching your skincare but it does mean being more selective about where you're putting it. If your skincare is working hard to produce a higher skin cell turnover then that also means it's going to work hard to reject the pigment/make it fade prematurely.

This is also a perfect time to make sure your intake of water and skin focused supplements are at a good level. Hydrated and healthy skin is another wonderful way to prep your body for tattooing.

Do your research

Use this time to learn about cosmetic tattooing and what to look for in pigment, artists and workspaces.

Although I can give you almost all the answers, I think it's really important to do your own research so you can feel empowered rather than taking just one person's word for it. Making sure you have some knowledge on cosmetic tattooing (ie the methods or healing process) will help you feel confident and at ease over your tattoo and how to best take care and live with it.

Take the time to cross reference your favourite artists and their work, feel free to dig into YouTube as well. Word of advice - don't fall into the cosmetic tattoo horror stories trap, I can guarantee their bad experiences are due to a lack of artist/client education.

Build a portfolio of brows/lips/eyeliner/freckles

It can be as simple as saving images into an instagram folder!

Saying you want one thing and it being interpreted as another can be extremely frustrating - we've all been there in one way or another. When it comes to cosmetic tattooing, we will obviously chat about your needs and wants but it helps when you are also able to show me what you want. This can be as simple as a folder with your favourite brows (tattooed or drawn on) and even some photos of the time you did your own brows and loved them! Don't be afraid to also include what you DON'T want too. This will help me get inside your head so I can help create your desired result.

Showing me what kind of result you are after also helps me guide you towards what is or isn't a realistic, especially when it comes to working out what is real and what may just be photoshopped.

Organise numbing cream

Now is a fantastic time to get it sorted.

So, what numbing creams do you need and where do you get them from?

Apart from freckles, you will need 2; one for before and one for during the tattoo. Under Australian law, numbing creams that contain 6% anaesthetic or higher need to be created by a compounding pharmacy as a personal prescription. You can get over the counter numbing creams like Numbit or Elma as a pre-numbing agent but they contain less of a numbing % and take longer to start working - so if I was you, I wouldn't waste your money.

Compounding Pharmacies can create numbing cream that generally lasts for 6 months or longer. Just google "Compounding pharmacies near me"and a bunch will pop up, then send a query saying you're after numbing cream for cosmetic tattooing - they'll usually have a basic script ready to go but as a guide these are the mixtures I've used in the past as 10-20 gram amounts (which is ample for 2+ treatments)

No.1 Pre Treatment for lips, brows, eyeliner, removal, (freckles don't need pre-numbing)

in a cream/gel form: 6% Lignocaine, 4% Tetracaine

No.2 During treatment for lips, brows, eyeliner, freckles

in a water base gel: 6% Lignocaine, 4% Tetracaine, 1% Epinephrine

No.2 During treatment for saline removal

in a water base gel: 6% Lignocaine, 4% Tetracaine

NO Epinephrine - as this stops the removal from working properly.

As a basic rule, my appointments need to be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, this allows ample time for numbing cream to be made up - however if you're already got yours, no worries! Feel free to book in earlier or fill in a last minute opening.

If you’re not sure what pharmacy to go with, I’ve used Thompson Pharmacy in Eltham before and they were quick and professional.

If you are thinking about getting cosmetic tattooing and want to be popped on the wait list or, if you have any further questions, contact me.

I hope these little tips help you out! If you've got any other suggestions or ideas for other posts let me know



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