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Booking Tips


If you have a menstrual cycle, don't book your tattoo on or around your period as you'll be more tender and sensitive to pain.


Don't book your appointment in a week where you have important face to face meetings /events. You'll still be healing and your tattoo may be quite bold still. 


As Brows and Lips are both long appointments, don't book them in for the same session instead, do them a few weeks apart. your body will thank you!

Booking Terms and things to consider before making an appointment 

If you’ve met me, or spent enough time on my Instagram, you’ll know I’m an open book and love making people feel informed, comfortable and confident. I never try to hide anything and before you book in I want you to know all the nitty-gritty details so you can feel knowledgeable and confident in your decision to get cosmetic tattooing or removal with me. So please read through the below, it should only take you about 10 min and when making a booking, I'll get you to confirm that you've read this.


My service guarantee:

Due to your body and external factors that are out of my control, I am unable to 100% guarantee the colour, shape and longevity of your tattoo. I can, however, guarantee that I will provide you with a cosmetic tattoo to the best of my knowledge, understanding and ability. I got into this industry because I wanted to make people feel confident and happy - that's my goal and will always endeavour to achieve that. 

This section is on being a suitable cosmetic tattooing/removal client.


Ideal client:

A healthy, normal-dry skinned human. However, this isn't most of us so please keep in mind tattooing on combination to oily skin or those with health concerns is still possible, it just might mean you may need to have more frequent touch-ups/colour boosts or may require doctors okay. Please keep on reading for more clarification.


You cannot get cosmetic tattooing/removal if:

  • You are under 18

  • Currently taking or less than a year off acne medication (such as accutane)

  • Your botox or filler is less than 4 weeks old in the area we’re tattooing (if you’ve had your lips done but we’re doing your brows etc that's okay) 

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • You are sunburnt

  • You are unwell (a weakened immune system means you'll be in more pain and your tattoo may not heal well)

  • If you have / are prone to severe keloid scarring

  • Have bruises on / close to the area being tattooed

  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Have Lupus, Haemophilia or or seizures


Cosmetic tattooing/removal is not recommended:

  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy (unless a doctors note is supplied)

  • If you have an autoimmune disease/condition (unless a doctors note is supplied)

  • If you have shingles on the face or rosacea/dermatitis in the area of treatment (please wait until symptoms have disappeared/ fully healed before treatment)

  • If you have thin delicate skin

  • If you get regular resurfacing facials or your skincare is acid-based (you can still get cosmetic tattooing done it may just speed up the fading)

  • If you have diseases of the nerves or muscles


Health & medication precautions:

  • Those on blood thinning, blood pressure and/or cholesterol medication may not retain as much pigment and therefore may need more frequent touch-ups/colour boosts. This also includes prescribed or over the counter pain medication.

  • Those who have thyroid issues or are on medication for them often need more frequent touch-ups/colour boosts due to the fast metabolisation of the pigment. 

  • Diabetic clients who are insulin-dependent often take longer to heal and may have at a heightened risk for infection

  • Those who take certain herbs and supplements can also have an impact on the skin as some can cause blood thinning or skin thinning (such as fish oil) so please google/check the side effects before booking.


Specific health concerns for Lips:

Coldsores and lip tattooing; Depending on the blister and severity, the pigment retention of that area may be affected. It's important to note that if you do suffer from coldsores, you may need more than one treatment/ touchup to gain the desired colour. You must also start prepping your body for an outbreak and reducing the severity by taking Lysine or FAMVIR 1-2 days prior.

Please note, if you have health concerns (listed or not listed above) that may impact your healing ability or pigment retention please advise me prior to booking in as a doctor's note may be necessary to go ahead with treatment this is for the safety of yourself and for legal reasons. If you believe you have a health condition that may impact your healing or retention, please contact me first so we can chat about your options.


Preparing & aftercare:


  • You’ll need to have your numbing cream organised by a compounding pharmacy so its ready for your appointment here is how:

    • Just google "Compounding pharmacies near me" and a bunch will pop up, then send a query saying you're after numbing cream for cosmetic tattooing - they'll usually have a basic script ready to go but as a guide, these are the mixtures I've used in the past as 10-20 gram amounts (which is ample for 2+ treatments)

    • No.1 Pre Treatment for lips, brows, eyeliner, removal, (freckles don't need pre-numbing) in a cream/gel form: 6% Lignocaine, 4% Tetracaine

    • No.2 During treatment for lips, brows, eyeliner, freckles in a water base gel: 6% Lignocaine, 4% Tetracaine, 0.1% Epinephrine

    • No.2 During treatment for saline removal only: a water base gel: 6% Lignocaine, 4% Tetracaine NO Epinephrine - as this stops the removal from working properly

  • No alcohol or drugs (unless prescription) 24 hours before your appointment - this includes pain killers

  • Stop using/reduce active skincare 4-6 weeks before your appointment


Post-appointment & aftercare:

  • No harsh cleansers (ph-neutral soap is okay), makeup, exfoliants on the area for 7-10 days.

  • No tanning and avoid direct sun exposure on the treated area for the first few weeks.

  • Apply the aftercare cream several times a day (this will be provided but not for removal clients)

  • Do not pick scabs or pull off the flakey skin as it may cause patchiness or scarring

  • No excessively sweaty workouts for the first 48 hours

  • No swimming, spas, saunas or prolonged contact with water for the first 2 weeks or until peeling has finished (washing them is okay and encouraged to avoid infection)


Healing is different for everyone due to those two little factors; genetics and lifestyle however the general rule is 3-4 days of tenderness, 4-7 days of settling/flaking and by day 10-14 the flaking should have finished. It's important to remember that from the day of your treatment it's a full 28-30 days until your skin has fully healed the tattoo and pigment has settled into the final result.


Specific for Eyeliner:

  • No eyelash extensions can be worn on the day of your appointment or until healing has finished

  • You cannot wear contacts on the day or for 5 days post appointment

  • It is advised to not drive on the day of your appointment


Specific for Lips:

  • If you suffer from coldsores you must start taking Lysine or FAMVIR to reduce the severity of an outbreak 1-2 days before your appointment. 


Specific for removal:

  • You’ll want to keep the scab forming and on for as long as possible! This helps your body to keep pulling out the unwanted pigment. Once it has naturally fallen off, you can apply vitamin E cream/oil to help with healing/scar reduction.


It is extremely important to make sure you can carry out the aftercare for your tattoo/removal as this will help ensure how well it heals & works. If you don't believe you can carry out the aftercare, do not book in your cosmetic tattoo or removal appointment.

Cosmetic tattooing maintenance & things to consider:

Cosmetic tattooing and removal is a minimum 2 step process and you will need to be committed to the second or follow up appointments to achieve your desired results.

Beauty trends/fashions come and go and although cosmetic tattooing is classified as semi-permanent, please keep in mind that they are still somewhat permanent and may change over time as your skin ages. Later down the line if you wish to change the style or look of your cosmetic tattoos it may require removal/lightening first. I’m sure you can see from my work that I will always make sure your brows, lips, liners or freckles are natural, suit your face and are something you want as a day to day look (along with being easy to maintain). Remember you can always build upon your tattoo such as a tattooed liner but using makeup to create the wing.

Cosmetic tattooing is low maintenance, not no maintenance so please consider;

  • Your natural brow hairs/shape will need to be maintained (such as waxing, tinting etc) 

  • Touch up/colour boost sessions may be required to maintain your desired colour/shape

  • Although cosmetic tattoos are designed to fade over time, full removal of a cosmetic tattoo with laser or saline may be required.

  • If you have had cosmetic enhancements/adjustments (such as botox, filler or thread lift) this may alter how your cosmetic tattoo will sit when wearing off, dissolved or enhanced.

Bookings, Payments, Deposits & Cancellations:


  • Bookings can be one online or face to face

  • All bookings (unless the 5-9 week touchup) need to be secured with a $100 deposit or $30 consultation fee.

  • So you can have time to organise your numbing cream, appointments can only be booked a minimum of 1 week in advance (unless you already have some). 

  • Although I will remind you, It is your responsibility to book your complimentary touch up within the 5-9 week window, thereafter regular touch up & colour boost prices apply.


  • Payments can be made in person by cash or card which has a 2% surcharge

  • Online bookings require card payment of the deposit/consultation.

  • Full payment is required on the day of your cosmetic tattoo/removal (unless paying with LayBuy)

  • Payment plans, over 6 weekly instalments via LayBuy can be organised with a 8% surcharge. You'll need to create a LayBuy account before the payment day to ensure you're eligible. Click here to learn more & create an account.

  • Deposits will come off the total cost for your cosmetic tattoo/removal

  • Consultation appointments are $30 and paid online in advance. If you book an appointment with me within 6 months from your consultation date, $30 will be removed off your total service cost.


  • All New bookings must be secured with a $100 deposit.

  • These deposits can be returned/refunded up to 48hrs before your scheduled appointment

Why are deposits necessary?

  • Booking an appointment with a deposit ensures commitment to your brow/lip/eyeliner/freckle/removal treatment and reserves a specific time period for your appointment. When an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, it becomes difficult to fill that time with a new appointment, so if a deposit is forfeited, it covers the lost time.


Although I hope you'd never want a refund, for consumer rights and reasons, I must state I do not provide refunds or reimbursement for; 

  • A 'change of mind' once the tattoo has begun/completed

  • If your tattoo lasts longer than intended or not as long as intended

  • Any change in colour or shape

  • Any cost for removal or colour corrections that may arise in the future


You’re welcome to change, reschedule to cancel your appointment with no penalty up to 48 hours before your appointment, however, to ensure I can accommodate all my clients' needs, I have 3 policies in place.

  1. The “last-minute reschedule, late arrival & no show”
    Your deposit will be forfeited if you wish to cancel or reschedule with less than 48hrs notice or if you are more than 20 minutes late. It goes without saying, if you don’t turn up, your deposit will be forfeited, however, as my appointments run pretty much back to back, if you are more than 20 minutes late, it will count as a no show and appointment/deposit are forfeited.

  2. The “I didn't tell you/understand everything” Pt 1:
    If you turn up to your appointment without disclosing previous cosmetic tattooing on the area we’ll be tattooing your deposit will be forfeited and the appointment may be cancelled. Why? Well, this is due to the extra preparation, consideration and trickiness that goes into working with an existing tattoo.

  3. The “I didn't tell you/understand everything” Pt 2: 
    If you turn up to your appointment without your numbing cream(s) or a contraindication (meaning I can't tattoo you/the area), your deposit & appointment will be forfeited.

Yehaw! Thank you so much for taking the time to read the above. If you need some clarification, please contact me or book in a consultation. If you feel confident and understand everything the please, use the below button to book your appointment.