How to book

1. Get knowledgable by reading the below 'booking terms & things to consider' info

2. Click the Book Now button (it will take you to a different page).

3. Choose your service/services by clicking the tick box(s)

4. Choose your date and time

5. Enter your details & agree to the T's&C's

6. Pay your deposit/Consultation fee to secure your spot

Tada! That's it!

Once that's gone through, you're all booked in and I'll be in touch shortly to confirm and provide you with more information.

Booking Tips


If you have a menstrual cycle, don't book your tattoo on or around your period as you'll be more tender and sensitive to pain.


Don't book your appointment in a week where you have important face to face meetings /events. You'll still be healing and your tattoo may be quite bold still. 


As Brows and Lips are both long appointments, don't book them in for the same session instead, do them a few weeks apart. your body will thank you!

I'm currently not taking any new bookings. Please contact me to be on the wait list

Bookings, Payments, Deposits & Refunds


  • Bookings can be made one online or face to face

  • All bookings (unless the 5-9 week touchup) need to be secured with a $100 deposit or $30 consultation fee.

  • So you can have time to organise your numbing cream, appointments can only be booked a minimum of 1 week in advance (unless you already have some). 

  • Although I will remind you, It is your responsibility to book your complimentary touch up within the 5-9 week window, thereafter regular touch up & colour boost prices apply.


  • Payments can be made in person by cash or card which has a 2% surcharge

  • Online bookings require card payment of the deposit/consultation.

  • Full payment is required on the day of your cosmetic tattoo/removal (unless paying with LayBuy)

  • Payment plans, over 6 weekly instalments via LayBuy can be organised with a 8% surcharge. You'll need to create a LayBuy account before the payment day to ensure you're eligible. Click here to learn more & create an account.

  • Deposits will come off the total cost for your cosmetic tattoo/removal

  • Consultation appointments are $30 and paid online in advance. If you book an appointment with me within 6 months from your consultation date, $30 will be removed off your total service cost.


  • All New bookings must be secured with a $100 deposit.

  • These deposits are non refundable

Why are deposits necessary?

  • Booking an appointment with a deposit ensures commitment to your brow/lip/eyeliner/freckle/removal treatment and reserves a specific time period for your appointment. When an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, it becomes difficult to fill that time with a new appointment, so if a deposit is forfeited, it covers the lost time.


Although I hope you'd never want a refund, for consumer rights and reasons, I must state I do not provide refunds or reimbursement for; 

  • A 'change of mind' once the tattoo has begun/completed

  • If your tattoo lasts longer than intended or not as long as intended

  • Any change in colour or shape

  • Any cost for removal or colour corrections that may arise in the future

Yehaw! Thank you so much for taking the time to read the above.

If you need some clarification, please contact me or book in a consultation. If you feel confident and understand everything then please, use the below button to book your appointment


I'm currently not taking any new bookings. Please contact me to be on the wait list