Aesthetic services by Clare Ferguson

Nationally Recognised Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Beauty Therapist and Li-Ft Saline Removal technician

Tatt'n since 2018!

​My ethics statement

I believe that everyone is welcome and equal. I will never force, suggest or perform treatments which I believe are unethical, unnecessary or may make someone feel uncomfortable. I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and will not make anyone conform to mine or societies perceived standard of beauty. I am here to help make people feel confident and comfortable in their own skin - however that may be.

How did I get into this business?

You know how you always have that one thing in the back of your mind that you're always pulled towards no matter where you are or what you're doing? That was beauty for me! I loved seeing the impact that beauty treatments can have on a person, simply by carving out time to pamper yourself.

After deciding to listen to that little voice in my head, I embarked on studies to become a Beauty Therapist and help others feel beautiful.

It might sounds silly, but I really do listen to my intuition/gut so, on a whim I went and got my tarot cards read at Muses of Mystery, in which the reader revealed she could see me "mixing pigment" for work in the future, which was quite confusing as no portion of my beauty study involved this.


Later down the track while I was searching for a cosmetic tattoo artist to fulfil my own brow needs and not finding one, did the penny drop and I embarked on creating Mystic Brow with the aim to fill that void and raise the standard in cosmetic tattooing. 

Whats my training?

Did you know that there is no proper regulation on who can and can't provide cosmetic tattooing? The only thing you need to do is have basic training for cosmetic tattooing (which can be a online seminar or even just a 1 day course) and then you're allowed to tattoo someone's face?! Yep! That is why it's so  important to do your research and see peoples healed work! Proper training and not shortcutting is something I'm very passionate about, especially with something that has such permanency. I completed my Nationally Recognised Cosmetic Tattooing training in 2018, which was a 4 week course, covering all elements of tattooing. Since then, I have completed numerous other courses for upskilling and learning new techniques. Check them out below!

Eyeliner + Lip upskill


Nano Brow Masterclass 2020

Saline Removal certification 2020

Cosmetic Tattooing Certification 2018

Not pictured; Beauty Therapy cert 4 from Victoria University (2018),

Infection Control training from Victoria University (2018)

Eyeliner, Brows and Lips upskill from Melbourne Collage of Cosmetic Tattooing (2019)